St. Andrew’s Senior Solutions

There When You Need Them

Frannie was in desperate need of a caregiver. She had been hospitalized several times in the past few months due to complications from Congestive Heart Failure and COPD.

After being away during hospital stay and unable to keep with her mail, she discovered that her electricity was disconnected. The lack of electricity was extremely concerning because she is depends on oxygen 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It was then that Frannie decided to contact Aimee Watson, Care Manager, with St. Andrews’ Senior Solutions. Aimee assisted by identifying resources to cover a large portion of the balance on Frannie’s past due electric bill and enroll her in a “budget plan.” Next, Frannie’s oxygen provider was contacted and arrangements were made for the delivery of two oxygen tanks to meet Frannie’s needs until her electric was restored. Aimee even filed for a Property Tax Credit for Frannie and was able to get her a state refund on several hundred dollars of rent paid. St. Andrew’s Senior Solutions helps individuals like Frannie every day.

Senior Solutions Care Manager, Aimee Watson (pictured), helps individuals like Frannie everyday

If you know of someone who requires assistance and can benefit from the services of Senior Solutions, please contact the Senior Solutions team today at 314-726-5766.