Joan and Norman Krumrey


Joan and Norman Krumrey are our featured Ageless- Remarkable St. Louisans of the day!


Joan Krumrey, 83, & Norman Krumrey, 85, have been married for 59 years and raised five children while both juggled successful careers. Kicking back and relaxing was never an option for this ageless couple when they finally retired several years ago.

On any given day, you’ll find them working the information desk in Forest Park, interpreting exhibits at the History Museum, greeting out-of-town visitors at Busch Stadium, or washing laundry at the Room at The Inn.

They also lead a walking group with the Ten Toes Express, a program of Citizens for Modern Transit that introduces seniors to the region’s transit system and the places they can go using it, helping fellow seniors to step their way to better health. They research and pick walk destinations and routes, organize interesting presentations, and lead 24 groups each year. They also volunteer at the St. Louis Convention and Visitor Commission and St. Mary Magdalene Church in Brentwood.