Judy Luepke


Judy Luepke is our featured Ageless- Remarkable St. Louisan of the day! 


Judy Luepke, 80, a tour guide for a private company, decided to turn her love of St. Louis into a career and make herself available to conduct tours on a freelance basis. Now 50 years later, this Maryville University Alumna still gives tours of the city to various groups and counts in the thousands the number of people with whom she has shared the things she loves best about St. Louis.

Waiving her tour fee for non-profit organizations is just one way that she overlaps her career with her volunteer pursuits. She is deeply devoted to and involved in her Parish church, Our Lady of Lourdes. In addition, she actively volunteers for Peter and Paul Community Services. In fact, she and her husband, Henry, served on the board and led a $10 million campaign for the renovation of Peter and Paul headquarters. Among the other organizations that have benefited form Judy’s tireless energy as a volunteer are Biddle House, where she served in the laundry center, doing laundry for the homeless people it serves.