Safe Home for Seniors Program

Falls are one of the leading causes of injury and mortality for seniors.  A simple trip or fall can lead to a head injury or broken leg, hip or arm. And because many seniors live alone with few visitors, they can lay on the floor for hours or days at a time, turning a minor injury into something far more serious or even fatal.

The Safe Home for Seniors Program makes it less likely seniors will take a fall by taking preventive steps to reduce accidents and increase independence.

Services Provided at No Cost to economically disadvantaged seniors:

·         Fixing or replacing leaky and corroded faucets and pipes

·         Replacement of doors that are no longer safe

·         Replacement or re-glazing of broken windows

·         Cleaning out and organizing storage spaces to make them easier to use

·         Replacement of rotted or moldy kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities

·         Deck & porch repair

·         Installing night lights

·         Providing bedside lamps with touch  on/off operation

·         Taping down rugs to prevent buckling and tripping

·         Providing non-slip mats for bath and kitchen

·         Clearing clutter and moving phone and electronics cords out of pathway areas

·         Installing safety lights, locks, railings, grab bars and smoke detectors

·         Repair of steps, doors and floors

·         Basic weatherization

·         Provide medication assessment, review and resolution to seniors at risk of falls due to medication concerns.

o   Polypharmacy is the concurrent use of multiple medications by a patient, most common in the elderly. Over 76% of seniors take two or more prescriptions on a regular basis. Polypharmacy been suggested to increase the risk for fall in several ways; increased risk for inappropriate medications (i.e. fall risk inducing drugs), increased risk of side-effects and interactions between medications, and also that compliance to prescription might decrease with increased number of prescribed medications.